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Allan Gould Iron Lounge Chair and Ottoman


Upholstered iron lounge chair and ottoman by Allan Gould, for his New York-based company, Allan Gould Designs Inc. 1950s

Chair: 29.5″ H x 22″ W x 26″ D

Ottoman: 17″ H x 20″ W x 19.5″ D




Allan Gould, born Allan David Goldman – (1908-1988), a graduate of Dartmouth, entered the design industry with a background as a painter and muralist. One of his notable works was a 1938 mural, Gathering Tobacco, located at the post office in Roxboro, North Carolina.  During World War II he served for two years in the U. S. Army Engineer Corps. He was stationed in Puerto Rico at Camp O’Reilly and Fort Brooke, and was discharged in 1945.  Just a couple years later, he returned to Puerto Rico to work with Rafael Fantauzi on the development of furniture utilizing local bamboo that would be exported to the United States.

Gould taught at the Design Laboratory of New York, the University of Southern California, the Pratt Institute, and served as a visiting critic at the Cornell College of Architecture.

He was president of Allan Gould Designs, Inc from 1952 to 1957. He also designed for  Functional Furniture Company, Reilly-Wolff, Selig, Thayer Coggin and Westwood.

In 1959 Gould said this about himself, “I’m a design reactionary. “I still turn to pure elements—to things we’re forgetting about now. Important are the functional, the simple, the anti-high fashion, the longlived. Style is something deep—a longterm trend’.

His work was included in the NY MoMa Good Design exhibitions and is included in their permanent collection.

Gould passed away in 1988, while living in Puerto Rico.